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1. Is this, “Super Cuber”, different than other compatible Bluetooth speaker device out on the market?

  • Yes, our device is simple and compact, yet, multi-mode functions for everyday use.


2. Can I use a speaker and a keyboard Bluetooth connections simultaneously?

  • Yes, you must connect both Bluetooth connections because each device has its own individual Bluetooth connection.

  •      Bluetooth connection for a speaker:  “SC Speaker”

  •      Bluetooth connection for a keyboard/mouse:  “SC Keyboard”


3. Is it comfortable for typing in the palm of my hands?

  • Yes, the shape and the size of this product is scientifically calculated for an average user to use it.  The keyboard layout is “QWERTY” for user-friendly.


4. Does it have a LED backlit?

  • Yes, with the touch of a button, you have 3 different colors to choose from. You may use this LED backlit (backlight) as a lovely mood light or to use in dark.  GREEN, BLUE, RED

5. Is the battery installed?

  • Yes, it is 1800 mAh Lithium Polymer DC5.0 rechargeable and the charging cable is included.  Also, it does have a battery management system (BMS) installed for your safety.  Enjoy your music for approximately 16 hours of playback time.

Frequently asked questions
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